Villa Chicken Commits To Sustainable Food Packaging With Foopak From Asia Pulp & Paper (App)

Jakarta, Indonesia, September 2, 2020 — Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas announced today that Villa Chicken, a fast-casual chain restaurant in Peru, will utilize APP’s Foopak Bio Natura paperboard products to further the restaurant brand’s environmental goals. Villa Chicken will source its sustainable takeaway food packaging from APP’s strategic partner Max Imports, a 20+ year old Peruvian manufacturer of paperboard cups, cartons, and boxes. The partnership will help Villa Chicken revitalize its packaging strategies through APP’s award-winning, compostable and plastic free product suite in a growing market seeking products that deliver on both sustainability and functionality goals.

Villa Chicken strategized to reduce the use of plastics, but needed a solution that will withstand grease, handle heat, and preserve freshness. Prior to integrating Foopak Bio Natura, Villa Chicken utilized plastic domes for takeaway chicken meals. In addition to reducing plastic waste, Villa Chicken also wanted to ensure a paper alternative could prove equally effective without the need for excess layering.

Bio Natura eliminates plastic by using a proprietary water-based coating, a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to polyethylene-based moisture barriers. The innovative coating removes the need for the lengthy, expensive stripping process for recycling and allows the product to biodegrade in as little as 12 weeks. Switching to Foopak Bio Natura, the company is now able to use takeaway boxes made of a single sheet of paper that also withstands grease and maintains food temperature and quality. This change has also allowed the restaurant to customize takeaway box size options for different types of meals and reduce the total number of containers used with each order.

“Foopak is an innovative compostable packaging material that delivers on both quality and sustainability,” said Anthony Atamimi, Sales Head, Latin America, Asia Pulp & Paper. “We are excited to expand the product in the South American market in an effort that will help reduce plastic waste around the globe.”

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