Our Challenge

Food Delivery Generates
More Plastic Waste

PE-Lined Paper Food Packaging
is difficult to recycle. Less than 1% of Paper Cups
produced in 2018 are recycled.

Foopak Bio Natura Advantages

Successful Application

Foopak Bio Natura successfully used as cereal bowl by a leading global FMCG brand. The new home compostable bowl has been commercialized since October 2020.
Foopak Bio Natura debuted as the world’s first plastic-free and recyclable ice cream cup by leading vegan gelato start up. The cup has been in use since March 2021
Foopak Bio Natura was successfully used as environmental friendly cold beverage cup and accepted as the alternative for PE laminated board.
Foopak Bio Natura debuted as the world’s first environmentally friendly utensil by leading utensil maker. The utensil has been used since March 2021
Foopak Bio Natura served in the airline sector as in-flight meal box/tray at a leading commercial airlines. The in-flight meal box/tray has been used in Q3 2021 onwards
Foopak Bio Natura has replaced the conventional plastic straw with a new one-piece paper straw design, in collaboration with Asia Pacific enterprises. The adhesive-free straw is successfully launched in January 2021
Foopak Bio Natura is trusted to supply the butterfly cup for the global artisan coffee roaster in all of its outlets globally

The Future Of Plastic-Free Food Packaging

Find out how plastic-free food packaging become our next future.

Food packaging has evolved much throughout the history, and we are at a tipping point where food packaging practices are no longer sustainable for the foreseeable future.

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