APP Group’s Foopak Bio Natura, Together with Income Eco Run 2024, Enhances Sustainability Goals with Compostable Drinking Cups

Sunday, 26 May 2024, Singapore – Foopak, the sustainable paperboard packaging brand from APP, concluded its collaboration with the Income Eco Run 2024 in Singapore, marking its second consecutive year of partnership with the run. Held on Sunday, May 26th, 2024, at Marina Barrage in Singapore, Foopak Bio Natura celebrated sustainability with over 53,000 compostable cups at the various hydration stations along the run route. The event saw about 5,000 runners take part and showcase their commitment towards the Zero Waste cause. One indication of their commitment to sustainability is clearly shown through a survey conducted by Foopak during the run. In this survey, 89.5% of the 172 respondents who filled out the survey at Foopak’s booth stated that they actively seek out environmentally friendly products in their day-to-day lives.

Foopak Bio Natura offers an eco-friendly solution for food and beverage packaging by utilising aqueous dispersion coating technology. These eco-friendly cups are compostable both in industrial and home facilities. They can also be recycled and repulped without needing any additional treatments. This allows runners to use these cups without worrying about waste, considering the fact that 93.02% of respondents in Foopak’s survey are conscious of the environmental impact of single-use plastic and prioritize eco-friendly products when making purchasing decisions. Foopak Bio Natura reached more people through this event and motivated them to support a waste-free future.

For every kilometre completed, Income Insurance pledged to donate $1 to the Singapore Environment Council in support of a relevant cause that supports the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Their commitment extends to waste reduction, including smaller running bibs, optional recycled material t-shirts, e-certificates instead of physical medals, and the use of recyclable, plastic-free, and compostable Foopak Bio Natura cups at the hydration stations. These cups replaced traditional plastic and plastic-lined paper cups, significantly reducing the run’s environmental impact through more sustainable alternatives. Made from Foopak bio paperboard, the cups are compostable both in home and industrial facilities, ensuring that this event became more sustainable and contributed to a greener future. This year, the event also introduced a kids category with 700 M and 1 KM runs to engage young participants in experiencing and learning about a Zero Waste lifestyle. All run routes concluded at the Income Eco Run Village, with various booths offering eco-friendly options and ideas for greener living.

Foopak’s doc

“Foopak’s collaboration with Income Eco Run exemplifies a shared commitment to sustainability. By providing innovative paper-based packaging for beverages, Foopak Bio Natura becomes part of a zero-waste ethos. Our eco-conscious products, derived sustainably and devoid of plastic, are home compostable, fostering a greener future. This partnership, the second one with Income Eco Run, demonstrates our pride in collaborating with the event through eco-friendly cup provision, and we look forward to working with the Income Eco Run team again next year.” said Ricca Windysari, Region Head of South East Asia, Industrial White, APP Group.

Ricca Windysari, Region Head of South East Asia, Industrial White, APP Group – Right.

Benjamin Wee from Imagine+ Pte Ltd, appointed event organiser of Income Eco Run, commented on Foopak’s partnership with the run through its Foopak Bio Natura drinking cups, stating, “With the backing of Foopak in recent times, we’ve not just emphasised health consciousness through road running but also nurtured environmental awareness among our participants. This year’s Income Eco Run focuses on the transition towards a zero-waste lifestyle, and with Foopak Bio Natura’s compostable cups, we aim to inspire runners and their families to adopt responsible habits for safeguarding our environment. We’re grateful for Foopak contribution in supplying the bio cups, which actively contribute to the event’s sustainability objectives.”

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