Convenient and Practical Packaging Design to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

In the current era of rapid modernization, comfort is no longer just a desire but a necessity. For the food industry, this means placing a focus on packaging design that not only captures attention but also provides a comfortable and practical experience for consumers. Packaging that indulges users can be a key factor in improving consumer satisfaction. Here are characteristics of good and quality packaging:

1. Easy to Open and Use

One of the most crucial aspects of convenient packaging design is ease of serving. By considering this need, packaging designs that facilitate easy opening can enhance consumer time efficiency. Intuitive lid designs or simple opening systems can provide flexibility and expedite the consumption process, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. According to the Technical Book on Food Packaging, 52.5% prioritize packaging that is easy to open when selecting food.

Food Packaging/ Source : Unsplash

2. Practical Storage

In the fast-paced modern lifestyle, consumers often seek packaging that supports mobility. Packaging with suitable sizes and efficient storage capabilities becomes a preferred choice. Packaging sizes that align with needs and practical features such as handles or secure lids can increase consumer preference. According to the Technical Book on Food Packaging, 78% prioritize packaging with practical storage for food selection.

3. Clean and Efficient Presentation

Packaging design that indulges consumers also includes ease in presenting the product. Packaging with features like pouring spouts or specific serving tools adds its appeal, providing a cleaner and more efficient experience.

4. Everyday Ergonomics

It’s important to understand that packaging design is not just about appearance but also about everyday usability. Packaging with a comfortable grip design, ergonomic shape, and a texture that feels natural makes daily use more enjoyable. Consumers give positive feedback on packaging designs that offer a comfortable grip, ergonomic shape, and non-slip texture.
By prioritizing these characteristics in packaging design, the food industry can enhance consumer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with customers.Convenient and Practical Packaging Design to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

Food and Beverages Packaging/Source: Majoo

5. Safety and Hygiene as Top Priorities

Lastly, and equally importantly, indulgent packaging design should emphasize safety and hygiene. By understanding consumer desires and needs, indulgent packaging design can create a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers. It’s about more than just the product; it’s about the entire experience. Through continuous innovation and a focus on consumer comfort, the food industry can align its products with the expectations of modern, smart, and experience-oriented consumers. Indulgent packaging design transcends mere trendiness; it represents an investment in building long-term trust and consumer satisfaction.

Foopak Bio Natura/ Source:

One product packaging suitable for achieving quality packaging is the use of environmentally friendly food and beverage packaging from APP Group, produced by PT. Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper Serang Mill, Foopak Bio Natura . Foopak Bio Natura is an environmentally friendly food and beverage packaging paper that is recyclable, plastic-free, and free from harmful PFAS substances. Foopak Bio Natura is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and ISEGA certified by the European Union. By utilizing Foopak Bio Natura as packaging, it creates excellent quality and meets customer expectations.

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