The Most Favorite Paper Coffee Cup Size for Coffee Shop Owners!

Nowadays, enjoying coffee no longer requires the use of ceramic cups or glasses. Many coffee shops now use paper coffee cup packaging that is resistant to heat and cold.. The use of this cup packaging is not only for take away, but also for consumers who wish to consume their coffee on-site. Furthermore, many coffee shops now offer a variety of coffee blends. Coffee cup sizes also vary greatly and can be adjusted to suit your needs as a coffee shop business owner.

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Who Is Suitable to Use Paper Coffee Cups?

Before discussing coffee cup sizes, let’s first talk about who is suitable for using paper coffee cups? Basically, this paper coffee cup packaging can be used by anyone who is running a food and beverage business. However, there are several types of businesses that are particularly suitable for this packaging. The following are several businesses that are suitable for using paper cup packaging.

  1. Coffee Shop
    For coffee shop business owners, using paper cups is the right choice. Especially if you are a beginner coffee shop owner with limited budget, using paper cup packaging is the solution.
    By using this packaging, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money. As paper cups can be purchased at a very affordable price. In addition to its affordable price, the use of this coffee shop packaging is also very suitable for your business branding. As long as you create a unique packaging design, consumers will remember your brand.
  2. Cafe
    For those of you who are currently starting a cafe business, opting for paper cup packaging is a sensible choice. This packaging offers versatility to suit your business requirements.In a cafe, it’s essential to offer a variety of drinks. While coffee is a staple, you should also include other options like tea to cater to diverse preferences.Despite of the types of drinks available vary, you also have to use a paper cup based on the drink. For example, for hot beverage, you can use the hot cup type. Or if the beverage is cold, then use a cold cup.If you have more budget, you can use a double wall so that customers can be comfort and not getting hot when hold the coffee cup. Moreover, double wall also has quite high aesthetic value, so it is very suitable to build a branding for your cafe business.
  3. Restaurant
    The use of paper coffee cups is not limited to coffee shops and cafes targeting all age groups. Public restaurants are also very suitable for using this type of packaging. Even though the focus is food, Even though the focus is on food, it does not mean that drinks are not available in the restaurant. Moreover, restaurants today need to innovate even if the drink options are not as extensive as those in cafes or coffee shops.One innovation that you can try is using paper cup beverage packaging. With this packaging, you no longer have to bother buying expensive glasses. Moreover, you can customize these paper cups to align with your business branding.Furthermore, beverages that customers do not have time to drink on the spot can also be taken home or anywhere else, as the use of paper coffee cups is very flexible. Your consumers can also easily use them.

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The favorite coffee cup sizes among coffee shop owners

One of the advantages of coffee cups is variety of size. Are you curious about which coffee cup sizes are preferred by coffee shop owners and which might be suitable for your product?
Check out our review below!

  1. Size 4 Oz
    The 4 oz size is the smallest paper coffee cup size with a drink capacity of 120 ml. This cup packaging has a top diameter of 5.5 cm and a bottom diameter of around 4.5 cm. Meanwhile, with a height of usually 6 cm. Its small size makes this coffee packaging ideal for sampling beverages.
  2. Size 7 Oz
    The 7 oz paper coffee cup is equivalent to a capacity of 175 ml, which is certainly larger than the 4 oz size.. This packaging is made from food grade paper which can be printed. This 7 oz
    packaging has a top diameter of 7.2 cm and a bottom diameter of 5.1 cm, and a height of around 8 cm.
  3. Size 8 Oz
    The most common paper cup size is 8 oz, suitable for various types of drinks. An 8 oz paper coffee cup has a height of around 9.3 cm with a top diameter of 8 cm and a bottom diameter of 5.5 cm. This packaging can accommodate approximately 240 ml of product. This 8 oz paper coffee cup can be used for hot drinks in almost all coffee shops.
  4.  Size 12 oz
    The 12 oz paper coffee cup has a capacity of 360 ml. This paper cup is usually used for cold drinks in various restaurants. The diameter of the top of this paper cup is 9.2 cm and the bottom is around 5 cm. The height of this glass is around 10.2 cm which is suitable for quite large sized drinks.
  5. Size 16 oz
    This above-average size is typically used for cold drinks, with a capacity of 470 ml. The cup is about 13.5 cm tall, with a top diameter of 9 cm. It’s suitable for a variety of drinks and for establishments offering large-sized beverage options to increase consumer choice.

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Tips for Choosing Paper Cup Packaging

No matter how good a product is, it will not necessarily sell well on the market if it is not packaged well. After determining the size of the coffee cup, you can consider the following tips for choosing a paper cup to boost your sales:

  1. Adjust to the Target Market
    When selling, you need to know your target market, whether it’s children, young people, or elderly adults. Adjust the product packaging to suit the target market. For example, paper cups with cute cartoon images are suitable for children, while unique designs are ideal for the younger generation.
  2. Pay attention to comfort
    One factor that can boost sales is not only the product, but also the packaging. Therefore, make sure to choose a paper cup that has a comfortable design for consumers. Choose a paper cup with a comfortable design that allows consumers to easily enjoy their drinks, hold the cup easily, and carry it everywhere.
  3. Choose the appropriate size
    The size of the paper cup should be adjusted to the target market you are aiming for. For example, if your target market is children, then we recommend using small paper cup packaging. Likewise, if your product sizes vary, make sure to adapt it to the product. So that the packaging you will give to consumers can match the product.
  4. Determine Brand Identity
    Another thing you should pay attention to choose a paper cup is the cup design which determines your brand identity. Establish your unique selling point through the paper cup design, such as printing a business logo or creating a unique cup shape, to stand out in the market.
    You can build your identity through the paper cup you use. For example, by printing a business logo on a paper cup, so that more people will know about your product, or design a unique cup shape for your product, such as a butterfly cup.
  5. Create a Special Edition Cup
    If you already have the raw materials for making paper cups, then you can make a special edition according to the festive. For example, during a certain holiday, you create a paper cup packaging design that suits that occasion. You need to try this limited edition packaging to attract your customers at these moments.
    This method is less effective if the goal is long term. However, you can apply it to boost sales in a short time. Make sure you do not just make a limited edition on the packaging, but the product must be customized. For example, by giving big discounts. But make sure you adjust it to the margin you get.

With Foopak You Can Buy Raw Materials for Paper Coffee Cups

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The basic paper material used in paper coffee cups must be high quality. Foopak Bio Natura, an innovative environmentally friendly paper product from APP is plastic-free, compostable, recyclable and free from dangerous cancer-causing substances PFAS. This paper is produced directly at PT. Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper Tbk. one of the largest pulp and paper producers in the world. Foopak Bio Natura used to make paper coffee cups has passed various tests, food grade certification such as FDA, ISEGA, ensuring its safety and comfort for use.

Foopak Bio Natura is a high quality product that provides a solution for packaging both cold and hot coffee cups. These are our explanations regarding the size of paper coffee cups that can be used for your coffee shop business needs. We highly recommend using Foopak Bio Natura because of it’s best features and also environmentally friendly .

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