Tips on Picking the Right Packaging

With the right packaging, there is no limit for the food to be enjoyed by all the people in the world. Choosing the right packaging will become the one of the most crucial part to define the success of the product as it define the quality of the food products in addition to define the first impression from your customer. This article will give you brief idea about the key parameters for choosing the right packaging for your products.

A. Travel Well is Important
A good packaging is the one which is able to deliver the product from one place to another place with minimum damage. Deep consideration also needed on matching the type of the product with the delivery method. For example, strong packaging is needed if the product must be shipped for delivery since the product will be stack onto each other. Paying money and attention on the damaged product is more irritating than picking the right quality of the packaging.

B. Material of the Packaging
Durability is one critical aspect for the packaging. Some food must travel across the world to reach customer’s hand, so we need to extend the shelf life as long as possible. The material of the packaging must be picked as what’s best for your type and characteristics of the food product. For example, leak proof packaging must be chosen for material for dairy based food product, so it will be hard for the microbial to contaminate the product. Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of the food when arrived in their hand.

C. Impressions to the Product
Packaging is the communication media between the producer and the buyer. At this case, the printability of the packaging must be perfect. The packaging will attract the buyer with the eye-catching design also sending the crucial message of the product, such as the certification and the nutrition value of the product. Packaging will become the tie breaker for the buyer’s decision on purchasing the product.

D. Easy to Handle
Terms to define it is ergonomics, which mean how the buyer will interact, such as opening and carrying, with the packaging and the product. This will increase the sustainable consumption of the food product. Customers, who are having difficulties with the packaging, will rarely come back to buy the food product again. To make sure the design and shape of the packaging, we must ensure the market of the food product. For example, if you target children as your food segment, adjust the size and shape of the product into their tiny hand.

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