Foopak as a Halal Product

According to the Global Industry Analysis, the global market for food & beverage has been increasing. This is driven by increased income, change of lifestyle, increased public health awareness, and a rapidly growing global population. This development is predicted to bring a positive impact to paper board industry growth compared to other commodity industries.

Halal label is often used as a reference for food and beverages, i.e foods that are allowed to be consumed by Muslims based on the Islamic sharia rules. Halal is not only attached to the food, but also to the food packaging. In the Islamic Sharia, the halal label is obtained when its production -from material used to the production process- is halal. This means, in terms of food packaging, meeting the best practice standards as well as being hygienic and safe is not enough. The food packaging producer must also ensure that their raw material and production process met the halal standards as well.

Indah Kiat Serang is committed to meet the halal standards with respect to every material used and production process undertaken, so that the needs and expectation of our consumers for halal food packaging can be met. In fact, Indah Kiat Serang is the first company to receive the Halal Certification in the packaging segment.

Our halal product guarantee begins with halal materials, hygienic and halal production equipment, to the halal method of storage and distribution to customers. Everything is well managed according to the principles in Islamic sharia. Such action demonstrates our strong commitment in providing the best Halal food packaging products for our customers.

The paper board that we use has met the food safety standards and regulations, containing safe compounds, protects from chemical contamination, protects from chemical transfer to the packaged food, and does not alter the flavor and taste of the food.

Indah Kiat Serang has a production capacity of 1.5 million tons/year for various types of paper board and equipped with modern technology. Our products are also environmentally friendly, safe for direct contact with food, as well as 100% biodegradable and compostable (e.g. products with heatsealable, grease-proof and hardsize features).

Recently, we have launched our latest product variant, the Foopak Bio Natura Cup, a cupstock packaging that is guaranteed as biodegradable, plastic free, OBA free, and produced in accordance with the halal principles. This product is ideal to be applied as a container for hot beverage and food, as well as suitable for customers who prefer a healthy and environmentally friendly packaging product.

*Foopak is also available in extruded/PE product, called Foopak PE Board.

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