APP’s FOOPAK Suite of Sustainable Fiber Based Food Packaging Expands To The Thermoformed Market

New packaging solution to replace plastic coated and plastic packaging
in food containers for freezing, cooking & reheating


Jakarta, 28th February 2024 – APP has announced the expansion of its new flagship FOOPAK brand of food packaging products to include new higher GSM ranges, advanced wicking properties along with the water and grease resistance needed to support the thermoformed food tray market. The paperboard eliminates all plastics in the ready-meal and frozen food packaging market and can be thermoformed into a food tray that can conveniently go from a cold case or freezer directly to a microwave.

Unique characteristics applied to the new grade of the paperboard incorporate APP’s plastic-free, aqueous dispersion technology as a sustainable alternative to both plastic-coated (PE) and plastic (PET) packaging materials commonly used in frozen food ready-to-eat meals. The new paperboard product is designed to address the growing plastic pollution crisis, with some estimates showing that 65% of all plastics being used are for the food packaging sector, with a market forecasted to grow by a CAGR of 9% between 2023 and 2030.

Kin Keung Christopher Wong, SVP & Global Business Unit Head, Industrial White for APP said, “It is clear that market forces are driving drastic change and creating a strong demand for new sustainable packaging solutions due to a variety of factors such as the global plastic crisis, plastic-free legislation and rising consumer awareness of climate change.”

The new paperboard grades under the FOOPAK brand have an ideal barrier, heat-sealable, leak-proof, and grease-resistant choice for paper trays, paper plates, food/produce boxes, bakery boxes, bowls and more. It has a high-bulk fibre, strong edge wicking, heat-sealable converting and outstanding printing output for branding. The paperboard is designed to meet the FDA-compliant, Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)-free, Fluorine-free, and produced without the use of optical brightening agents (OBA) or toxic chemicals, which are increasingly becoming outlawed in many states and cities in the US.

“Innovation truly has the power to create positive change. With the expansion of the FOOPAK portfolio of eco-friendly food packaging products, we are better equipped to provide more sustainable options for businesses worldwide. Together, we can work towards significantly reducing plastic waste by opting for plastic-free packaging,” Mr Wong added.

Available in PEFC or SFI-certified paper board, FOOPAK offers products that are designed to be a truly environmentally friendly, food-safe, plastic-free, and recyclable solution to the growing food packaging and food service marketplace. Please visit to see our full portfolio of food packaging solutions.



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