Delivering food safely is not an option for us, but it is an obligation.


  • It is made from high quality ingredients with a very strict production standards, making it sterile from harmful compounds.
  • Halal assurance for our food packaging paper begins with the raw materials we use, processing equipment, storage methods, to the distribution to customers. Everything is well managed according to Islamic Sharia principles.
  • Does not change the aroma and taste of the food and beverage it contained.
  • There is no chemical migration from paper packaging to the food product.
  • It maintains the hygiene and quality of the food.
  • Foopak is certified, both at national (Halal) and international (FDA, ISEGA, ISO) level.
  • Our paper packaging uses 100% virgin pulp, a natural pulp produced directly from highly selected woods. We do not use recycled paper, as it might contain lead, which is a heavy metal that will potentially endanger people who consume the food it contained.

Do you know using recycled paper as food packaging is dangerous for your health?

Based on research conducted by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), recycled packaging contain 1.5 million colonies per gram of bacteria, while the commonly used recycled paper packaging for rice averagely weighed about 70-100 grams, which means there are as many as 105-150 million bacteria contained in the packaging.

The content of microorganisms in recycled paper has the highest level compared to other papers. This exceeded the limit allowed, and the chemicals will have negative impact on the human body and potentially lead to various diseases, such as cancer, liver damage, and lymph nodes. In addition, recycled packaging products may also cause disruption to the endocrine and reproductive systems, as well as increase the risk of asthma and the occurrence of gene mutations.

Do you know that inorganic packaging takes a very long time to decompose?

Organic waste, or waste derived from natural materials such as vegetables, fruit peels, and similar materials will decompose within days or weeks, or at least less than a month. Meanwhile, paper waste will decompose within 2 to 6 months.

Regular plastic bags take 10 to 12 years to decompose. Plastic bottle takes much longer. Due to its more complex and thicker polymers, plastic bottles need 20 years to break down. Additionally, the regular styrofoam often used in Indonesia will need 500 years to be completely destroyed.

(source: CNN Indonesia)


  • Environmentally friendly
    Earth sustainability is our top priority. In designing Foopak products, we always consider the environmental aspects. This is why our products are more eco-friendly, especially compared with other food packaging made from plastic and polystyrene. Foopak is made from virgin natural fiber, does not contain harmful compounds, contains no bacteria, and environmentally friendly. 
  • One of the biggest paper manufacturer in the world
    Foopak is one of the APP brands which focus on producing paper packaging with the best quality. Our experience and commitment has proven to be beneficial for us in producing packaging products that are oriented towards consumer safety and convenience. Thus, we are able to provide the best quality assurance, ranging from product quality to distribution and customer service.
  • Trusted and proven
    We are proud to be part of our customers’ success while working together with them in distributing their food products to consumers. Foopak products have also obtained various certifications from national and international institutions in terms of process, safety, and quality (Halal, FDA, ISEGA, ISO, PEFC, SVLK).
  • Various products for a wide range of food packaging applications
    Whether it is food or beverage, hot or cold, dry or greasy, with or without plastic coating, Foopak provides food packaging solutions to suit all your needs. Our eco-friendly food packaging products are easy to be recycled without additional treatment, bio degradable and also industrial compostable within 12-weeks.
  • Sinarmas Group has extensive distribution network
    With a wide service coverage supported by Sinarmas Group, APP currently has manufactures spread across the archipelago. Our distribution network has reached 65 countries in 6 continents. These advantages enable us to continue to expand and serve our customers very well.
  • We are committed to deliver the best service for our consumers
    High product quality and excellent service are important part in our business. Thus, we constantly challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards of quality with the best possible service as measured by our customers.
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