Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Packaging: APP’s Foopak Bio Natura Redefines Eco-Friendly Packaging at Plastic Waste Free World Europe 2023

Cologne, Koelnmesse, Germany, 8-9 November, 2023. Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and its flagship innovative product, Foopak Bio Natura is taking center stage at Plastic Waste Free World 2023. This event, recognized as the largest gathering dedicated to materials innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and circular economy solutions, is focused on fostering a world free from plastic waste. Renowned for its commitment to environmental sustainability, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) showcased Foopak Bio Natura as a solution, driving positive change in the global effort to combat plastic pollution along with other lines of Foopak’s products.

APP’s Team at Plastic Waste Free World Exhibition 2023. Source : Internal Foopak

As proud exhibitors, APP and Foopak presented a range of eco-friendly packaging options and delved into the sustainable characteristics that define their products, notably Foopak Bio Natura. Also, proudly as gold sponsor and lanyard sponsor for the event. Meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients, Foopak Bio Natura is designed to be recyclable, PFAS-free, and approved by the FDA and ISEGA. It aims to minimize the environmental footprint of food packaging while upholding the standards of food safety and quality. Additionally, it is certified as plastic-free by Flustix. The urgency of addressing plastic pollution was a key focus, underscored by alarming statistics from the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Law and Environment Assistance Platform (UNEP-LEAP). Their report highlighted that approximately 19-23 million tonnes of plastic waste infiltrate the environment annually. In response to this global challenge, APP and Foopak are actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste by providing sustainable packaging solutions.

APP’s Booth at Plastic Waste Free World Exhibition 2023. Source : Internal Foopak

The unique features, sustainability credentials, and exceptional user experience of the products resonated with the audience, creating a buzz of excitement throughout the exhibition. Kin Keung Christopher Wong, the Senior Vice President and Global Business Unit Head of Industrial White at APP, highlighted the critical need for environmentally friendly products. “At Foopak we firmly believe in doing more than just providing packaging products. Our mission is to ultimately make a positive impact on the industry and on our environment. Our eco-friendly paperboard food packaging solutions are a testament to our dedication to significantly reducing environmental impact.”

Foopak Bio Natura is made entirely of fiber, positioning itself as a sustainable alternative to single-use and traditional plastic packaging. It is not just a choice for high-quality paperboard in food and beverage packaging but also a conscious decision for a safer and healthier planet.

Foopak Bio Natura at Plastic Waste Free World Exhibition 2023. Source : Internal Foopak


One of the highlights at the event was at the second day, where Dr. Elizabeth Wilks as Head of Sustainability & Public Affair for UK & Europe APP, presented how business can measure their impact in the Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging conference stream by sharing how it is working towards providing paper based, environmentally friendly innovative products across continents and industries. Through innovations like Foopak Bio Natura, APP stays committed to achieving the environmental goals outlined in the Sustainability Roadmap: Vision 2030 strategy.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilks, Head of Sustainability & Public Affair for UK & Europe APP. Source : Internal Foopak


The two-day event attracted a substantial audience, with over 500 delegates and more than 4,000 attendees. A lineup of 130 international speakers contributed to three focused conference streams – Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging, Reducing Manufacturing Emissions, as well as Sustainable Materials and Chemicals. As APP continues to champion sustainability through initiatives like Foopak Bio Natura, it remains at the forefront of the global movement towards a plastic waste-free world.

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